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Integrating Your Twitter Account with Your Healthwatch Website

The simplest method for linking a website with a Twitter account is to use a simple and familiar linked icon. However, options for real intergration are available with additional Drupal modules. Twitter Block enables a Twitter timeline to be diplayed in a block whilst the Twitter module provides more in-depth integration.

Twitter Block

Installation of Twitter Block is fairly quick and simple. Just download from the Drupal website and install in sites/all/modules/contrib/ in the Drupal installation. Activate the module via Modules in the admin menu. The block just displays a Twitter widget, this is created in the Twitter account. Once the widget has been set up all that is needed is the widget ID. This is entered into Twitter Block settings. A link to add a Twitter block appears at the top of the Blocks admin page once the module has been activated. The block can then be configured in the normal way.


The Twitter module provides much more control, providing more advanced integration it enables Tweets to be posted directly from the Drupal site. With deeper integration, Tweets can be displayed using Views, providing a page listing of tweets and one or more blocks. As the View are configured in Drupal there is much more control over the output.

The Twitter module is installed in sites/all/modules/contrib/ as with any other extension module and activated via Module admin. The package actually includes several modules, activate as required. The Twitter module communicates directly with a Twitter account, this requires the oAuth module packaged within the 'Website in a Box' distribution. Ensure this module is activated along with any other required modules.

The application, i.e. the website, needs to be registered with Twitter. This is done from within the Twitter account, refer to the module's Read Me file for detailed guidance. On registration, Twitter provides authentication keys which need to entered into the Twitter module configuration page. Once the website and Twitter are communicating Views can be set up as required and Tweets can also be posted directly to Twitter from the website.


The appearence of the page and block views can be customised by editing the site CSS.