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Web Applications

My bespoke content management system and components can be described as Web Applications. I have provided a number of bespoke components from organisation directories using Google Maps to a membership and subscription service for the Trinity Newington Residents Assocation.

In 2012 I provided a bespoke application as part of the Eldis OnDisc project for the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. The application provided a tool to compile a CD-Rom package from a web based information service. The tool queried and then downloaded data in JSON format. The data could then be processed to generate HTML pages for the CD as well as download related PDF documents.

Another example web application is the 'Innovation Audit' initially provided for The Innovatory but now hosted by GLE. This is a multiple page questionnaire which users can return to edit. The tool uses a set of parameters to apply to questionnaire responses and generate a diagnostic report. The report is compiled as an MS Word document which can then be edited by the user if required.

MS Access

Microsoft's Access database software is where I started with databases, but since working freelance on web projects I have not had a great deal to do with it. However, over 2012/13 I have helped Redbridge Concern for Mental Health created two Access based applications using VBA scripting aimed at capturing project activities and generating reports for chargeable work performed under contract to the local authority.


Applescript is a Mac scripting language that allows task to be automated across applications. I have provided an InDesign plugin for TDG Artwork to export and import text between InDesign and MS Word - helping to produce multiple language versions of brochures for the Body Shop. I have also provided scripts to help process files for Regent Typesetting.