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Databases, Coding and Scripting


MySQL is the database software at the heart of most open source web applications and I have used it extensively along with PHP to deliver most of the web projects I have provided.

MS Access

Over 2012/13 I have provided two Access databases for Redbridge Concern for Mental Health, these projects have provided a combination of project activity tracking along with contact management. Both projects have involved VBA scripting with SQL to achieve results that cannot be obtained using the graphical user interface.

Flat files

For small projects I have occasionally substituted a database with a flat file approach. This uses a text file to hold data, data is then read using PHP or JQuery (Javascript).

Data Imports/Exports

For several projects I have used a combination of scripting techniques to support import and export of data. For example, using PHP to read a CSV file generated from an MS Excel spreadsheet, clean the data and then store into a MySQL database of format for export into MS Access. Another example is the conversion of a PDF venue directory into an online version - with data stored in a database.